From the Live Nativity’s NEW Director…

After years of playing the role of the Angel Gabriel, Bruce Leach now takes his place in the Director’s chair…

I must admit that I was quite surprised and honored when I was asked to take over the role of Director of the Live Nativity of the Abingtons …the reason being, that I had never before directed a production of this magnitude!

Yes, I had been assigned the role of the Angel Gabriel for the past several years, but never gave thought to myself taking on something so all-encompassing as Director. However, as I was well aware of the fine caliber and high level of expertise and commitment of the members of the various committees and cast involved, I happily agreed to take the challenge.

Joan Layland, former Director
Joan Layland, former Director

In taking on this responsibility, I was also gratefully aware of the solid foundation that had been already established by my predecessor and friend, Joan Layland, who had faithfully and ably served in this role for several years.

My vision for this year’s Nativity is a desire to build upon that foundation by adding some texture and depth to the story – a new and thought-provoking opening song and some dialogue and drama, in an effort to present the already-compelling story in a way that engages the audience even further; evoking a smile, a warm remembrance, a revelation even, that this is indeed the “Reason for the Season” – Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Christ in Christmas, the Gift that keeps on giving thru the centuries!

Bruce Leach resides in Lenoxville with his family, and is a multi-gifted singer, actor, impressionist, songwriter, and guitarist.