Cancelled for 2020

Due to the recent resurgence of Coronavirus cases,

we are regretfully cancelling our annual Live Nativity this year.

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Information & Details

All 2020 Live Nativity Performances are Cancelled

Due to the surge in coronavirus cases, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Live Nativity.  We now look forward to Christmas celebration services, our annual Easter performance, and of course, 2021’s Live Nativity production.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the many who put in countless hours preparing for this portrayal.  May God bless everyone as we enter the Christmas season with the joy of the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

NOTE: The information contained in the following sections no longer applies, as our performances have been cancelled.  However, it remains only for informational purposes.

WELCOME!  An annual tradition for over 2 decades… The entire community is invited to our 5 performances, as you reconnect with your faith and are inspired by the greatest story ever told… the coming of the Christ child.  The performance is approx. 30 minutes and takes place outdoors – featuring music, dancing, live animals, authentic sets, and special effects. [continue scrolling for Directions, Parking, & our COVID-19 Safety Precautions]

2020 CHANGES!   First of all, we want to emphasize the importance of remaining spiritually connected – especially through trying times.  God is STILL God – and the reality of Christ as our Savior is as important today as it ever was!

With respect to public safety throughout this pandemic, we have made some changes to our 2020 performance:

    • COVID-19 Distancing Precautions [read section, below]
    • We have cancelled our usual after-performance gathering and refreshments.
      (you may still use indoor bathroom facilities)
    • The Annual Christmas Giveaway is Suspended for 2020
    • No Bleacher Seating this year, due to issues of proximity*

*You may either stand -OR- bring your own folding chair. However, you are encouraged to keep a respectfully safe distance from others’ chairs. Prime seating cannot be guaranteed.

About The Live Nativity

Over 2,000 Years Ago, in a small Middle Eastern village, an event took place that would change our world... forever.

The Live Nativity Of The Abingtons is an annual tradition in Clarks Green, PA that celebrates the birth of the Christ child, through a LIVE reenactment & portrayal of the events surrounding His coming.

It features exquisite costumes, realistic props, professionally produced narration & soundtrack, national level singers, choreography, and LIVE animals.

jospeh-maryA Commitment To Excellence

EACH YEAR, we continue to challenge ourselves and introduce new aspects and improvements to the retelling of the Christmas Story.  Our production features:

  • A high-quality sound system, for increased clarity... designed to boost the depth of the lowest frequencies
  • Modified special effects
  • A mixture of Original and Classic music

2020 Modifications

  • Bleacher seating unavailable this year
  • We have cancelled our usual after-performance celebration & refreshments
  • The annual Abingtons Christmas Giveaway will be postponed until next year

COVID-19 Safety Policies

To minimize health risks to those in attendance, we have altered certain of aspects of our annual production.

COVID-19 General Policies

  • christmas-tree

    We are not requiring people to wear masks or other protective items to attend an outdoor performance in open air.

  • Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Protective Gloves will be made available to all attendees at no cost. (There will be a safety table).
  • We request that people be respectful of others' social distancing practices.  If someone is too near, either move away or politely request more distance.  And... if you are asked, we request you politely pay respect to others' distance preferences.
  • Try as we might, Servant Church cannot guarantee everybody's 100% compliance with these protocols, nor accept responsibility for the health of everyone in attendance.  It will be understood that all who attend assume the full risk of doing so.

Bathroom Usage

Although the church building will be closed to visitors during the performance, bathroom usage inside the building is still permitted.  It is for bathroom and emergency purposes only that people will be welcomed to enter the building.

Seating Arrangements

Due to the close proximity associated with bleacher seating, we are foregoing the use of outdoor bleachers

this year.  Those anticipating the need to sit during our roughly half-hour performance may bring a folding chair of their own.  Otherwise, attendees are welcome to stand anywhere that will accommodate their distancing preferences.

The 'Abington's Christmas Giveaway' suspended for 2020

We anticipate a full resumption of this annual tradition in 2021!

No After-Performance Celebration/Refreshments

Because of proximity issues, we will also forego our annual after-performance celebration and refreshments.

Directions, Parking, & How To Dress


The Live Nativity is hosted on the grounds of Servant Church of the Abingtons, located at:

204 S. Abington Rd., Clarks Green, PA 18411 (click for Google Maps)

For additional information, you may directly contact Servant Church at 570-586-8286... even during the nights of the performances.


Limited parking is available in the Servant Church lot. There is on-street parking available on the surrounding streets of the hosting church - namely Hall Avenue, Venard Road, Clark Street, and other neighborhood roads within 2 blocks.

You may also park in the lot of the old CVS Pharmacy, on the corner of Hall Ave & South Abington Blvd.  This lot is only a half block away from the performance!

How to dress

We're a LOT like the U.S. Postal Service... in that the Live Nativity will "go on" come "rain, sleet, snow" - or in this case, cold temperatures.  Because we cannot predict the weather, it's hard to make definitive recommendations.

But especially in sub 4o degree weather, gloves and a heavy winter coat are always in order.  If it is windy, you may want to consider wearing a scarf and hat.  These are especially indicated for children under 12!

From introduction to closing thoughts, the Nativity will last approx. 30 minutes.

Donation Opportunities!

Each year, it takes MANY volunteers to successfully stage the Live Nativity production - a real community of people who cherish the message of Christmas, and are willing to sacrifice of the time & talents to make it happen for the benefit of us all.

It also costs thousands of dollars to produce each year... especially with our ever-increasing annual attendance!

As such, there are MANY ways for you to come along side of us this Christmas Season!  We humbly ask you - the cherished members of our residential & business communities - to consider prayerfully how you can partner with us - whether volunteering your time or financial support.

Time, items, or non-cash contributions

Many have been asking how they can become involved... It's EZ!  Simply email or call the Nativity & Giveaway Coordinator Pastor Michael Warner from Servant Church at 570-586-8286.  We'll plug you in!

Monetary contributions

The Live Nativity of the Abingtons is sponsored by Servant Church of the Abingtons.  As such, any donations made to this production are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Cash or check

You may drop off or mail your cash or check donation to Servant Church, 204 S. Abington Rd., Clarks Summit, PA 18411.  Checks are to be made out to Servant Church only, with 'Live Nativity' in the memo.  ALL donations will be earmarked only for the Live Nativity production costs.

Online donations

You may donate through automatic deduction from your checking, savings, debit, credit, or PayPal accounts.  Begin by clicking on the 'Donate' button below.

The PayPal page is in the name of "Clarks Green Assembly of God," which is still Servant Church's legal name (just so there is no confusion).  There is an option to 'write a note' at some point during the donation process.  Click on that option and simply type "Live Nativity" in that box.  We will earmark your financial contribution solely for Live Nativity purposes.

We cannot THANK YOU enough for supporting us in this community endeavor!

Questions? Have a Donation?  Want to get involved? Or… Want to join the ‘Friends of the Nativity (our email list)?’
Simply fill out the Contact Form below!  (NOTE: We do not sell or distribute our database)

It is our goal to return all correspondence within 24 hrs.